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Understand the Power of a Workout Plan (Whey King University EP 2)


What’s up guys! Welcome to Whey King U!

Have you ever tried going to the gym 3-5 times a week but still feels like nothings changing or it seems like there is no major improvement to your body?

Well if so you’re probably missing out something; that’s why we’re here to help you figure that out!

It’s no secret that it takes time to achieve a fit and healthy body. But what if you can do it faster by working out “Smarter rather than Harder”

Well In this video we’re gonna give you tips on how you can train according to your body type to get the best muscle growth.

We’ll give you the basic guidelines and rules for starting out a workout plan; whether it’s for strength, lean muscle gain, weight loss, or just overall fitness.

This video can help you figure things out and get you started on the right foot towards your health and fitness goals.

  1. Importance of working smart rather than working hard
  2. Understanding different work out plans
  3. Recommended work out plan for each body type.

Today we'll give you 5 effective ways on how you can start your own workout plan based on your body type.


  • Do not kill yourself in the gym on your first week
  • Leave your ego at home and just go out there and start working out
  • Create that habit of just going to the gym on your first week 
  • If you can train your brain your body will follow.


  • The idea is to get your mind and body so used to including a workout in your routine so you no longer have to think about it—it just comes naturally to you.


  • Do the work. Go out there and prove to yourself that you're bigger than your ego. Stop procrastinating and just start. Nothing will happen unless you do something about yourself.

4th: SLEEP

  • Whatever your body type, to get the most out of your training you need to focus on your nutrition (more on which below) and recovery – key to the latter is sleep. The positive effects of getting forty winks are huge.

Understand different work out plans for each body type – simple tips on how you can work out based on your body type:


  • Train with heavy weights and lots of rest in between sets (2-3 minutes) as well as in between exercises (5 minutes).
  • Only train 1-2 body parts per training day to avoid too much caloric expenditure.
  • Aim for 5-10 reps and 6-8 sets of each exercise. for beginners as much as possible you can train every other day (M,W,F)


  • Weight lose | Cardio | More reps | High intensity training
  • Train with Light weights and less rest in between sets (1 minute).
  • More on Cardio, More reps, High intensity training
  • Aim for 15-20 reps and 3-4 Sets of each excercise
  • For beginners as much as possible you can train 5-6 times week


  • Train with moderate to heavy weights but less rest in between sets compare to ectomorph (1-2 minutes).
  • Needs more cardio compare to Ectomorph
  • Aim for 8-12 reps and 3-4 Sets of each excercise
  • For beginners as much as possible you can train 5-6 times a week

But why is it important to know the right workout plan for each body type?

Whatever characteristics you have, you should know that regardless of your body type, anyone can get lean or put on considerable muscle mass – and, equally, get fat if they’re not careful. It might be harder for a skinny guy to follow, but it’s not impossible.

Remember: Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood. So no matter how busy your schedule is make sure that you give time to exercise so you too can look better and feel better every day.

We really hope you find this video useful. With all the information out there, it can be quite confusing to find the right training style. But we hope this can be a great jump off point to help lead you in the right direction. And remember, a long-lasting result, regardless of your body type, takes time and consistency! So keep it up, and you’ll get there — we believe in you!

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