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Great service! Awesome people to consult with. Fast and reliable. Cheaper prices compared to others. For people having a hard time to choose which products would best suit your needs and fitness goals WheyKingSupplements is the right place for you.

July 8 at 8:32am
Noynoy O. Nuguid / Customer

The place is accessible as it is in the Makati CBD. The staff are very accommodating and knowledgeable on the products being sold. They can give advice and recommendations on what’s good for you when you do not know which supplements to take. Wide array of products are being sold and the prices are relative or even lower as compared to other stores. Giving freebies is a plus. Whey King is truly “More than Just a Supplement Store”.

July 29, 2014 at 1:43pm

Nicole San Pedro / Customer

Great service. A website that works. Prompt COD delivery. And Whey King is one of the few places that sells protein powders with no artificial flavorings or sweeteners. This is important because research shows that artificial sweeteners alter the microbiome in your digestive system by favoring the bacteria that store calories rather than burn them. Experiments with mice show that mice fed artificial sweeteners actually get fatter than mice fed sugar. You can read the article in Scientific American, “Artificial Sweeteners May Change Our Gut Bacteria in Dangerous Ways.”


Timothy Rufus / Customer

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