• Tube Resistance Bands - The resistance bands come with 5 different resistance level, includes Black (30 LB),Green(25 LB),Blue (20 LB), Red(15 LB) and Yellow (10 LB).The bands can be used alone or stacked in any combination to achieve your optimal resistance level up to 100 LB.
  • What's Inside? 
    • 5 Stackable Exercise Resistance Bands
    • 2 Ankle Straps
    • 2 Handles
    • Door Anchor
    • Carrying Case.
  • Great Material and Quality: Stackable Exercise Bands are made of PTE material which can provide great elasticity and durability. Soft, strong and durable handles of any resistance bands set are made with fiber-reinforced unbreakable polymer and ballistic Nylon straps.

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