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Shop SAN ZINC MAGNESIUM ASPARTATE Online | Whey King Supplements Philippines | Where To Buy SAN ZINC MAGNESIUM ASPARTATE Online Philippines
Shop SAN ZINC MAGNESIUM ASPARTATE Online | Whey King Supplements Philippines | Where To Buy SAN ZINC MAGNESIUM ASPARTATE Online Philippines

SAN Zinc Magnesium Aspartate



Product Description

Improve Tissue Repair & Post-Workout Recovery

  • Reduces recovery time*
  • Increases muscle tissue repair*
  • Boosts energy & performance*
  • Maintains healthy electrolyte balance*

The ability to quickly recover from high-intensity and grueling activity is something that athletes from all sports are after. Reduced recovery time means increased performance, and that’s the holy grail for all athletes.

ZINC MAGNESIUM ASPARTATE™ has a unique and well-known combination of key vitamins and minerals that can help to increase testosterone levels. Even more important than that is the ability of this synergistic blend to increase the rate at which you recover from intense activity, and it does so while you sleep, compounding your body’s natural recuperative rhythms.*

The zinc in ZINC MAGNESIUM ASPARTATE™ plays a key role in cellular growth and tissue repair, so it helps to rebuild muscle after exercise-induced damage. The specific blend of magnesium is known for its essential role in ATP production, muscular contraction and the maintenance of proper electrolyte balance. This means it can increase energy production and strength while aiding in hydration, an important part of cellular expansion and growth. Vitamin B6 is the last part of this recovery trifecta, as it enhances the absorption of zinc and magnesium, providing maximized utilization.*

ZINC MAGNESIUM ASPARTATE™ is a synergistic combination of vitamins and minerals with a proven record of increasing performance, tissue repair and hormone production.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Legit ZMA

I appreciate thw free water bottle!
This ZMA is legit I actually feel sleepy after taking it unlike other brands.

This is my third product from SAN and it doesn't disappoint. They reallt do sell high quality supplements

Rio E.

I bought this product to help me sleep better and that is it. I have heard of the benefits of men taking zinc and magnesium before.
It took maybe 3 sleeps until i was sleeping super heavily and waking up satisfied, like teenagers do! Only im 30!
Sleep is such an important recovery factor and helps us mentally recover from the day before. No human should ever have to go into the next day with the day before feeling attached to them, as if they do not feel refreshed.

I am also taking their multi-vitamin but i contribute my sleep successes to this , mag, zinc formula.
Also,i no longer feel my bones! In the sense of, i started taking these and noticed my bones dont feel brittle anymore. I assumed that was the norm, to feel brittle until i took these.

Samantha N.
So pleased with this one from SAN

So pleased with this one from SAN, the blend of zinc and magnesium is really good since this is a blend of minerals that are essential from the body so if you arent eating enough of the right foods then its a must that you get them in through supplements to ensure your body gets in the right micronutrients to keep you ticking over nicely. I like this a lot as the zinc levels are absolutely brilliant!!

Anna Acevedo
This is a really good zinc supplement

This is a really good zinc supplement with an added dose of magnesium. It is basically the ZMA supplementation but without the vitamin B6. I really like this combination for improve sleep. I take them daily before bed but when I am having a deload week or a recovery week, i take two daily to really help my body relax, rest and recover. This recovery style has helped me move on and get over plateaus better than anything else i have tried :)