USN Amino Stim. Concentrated Focus, Energy and Recovery. The USN Amino Stim is a premium supplement with a range of benefits, supporting your energy, focus, and recovery. An all-in-one supplement for those looking to reach new levels, train longer and harder and improve their recovery time.

  • ANYTIME ENERGY - AminoStim be used as a pre-workout, pre-exercise, pre-sport, or anytime Amino & Energy boost
  • HOW DOES IT WORK - The blend of BCAAs and EAAs provide recovery benefits, Carnosyn Beta Alanine helps maximize muscle performance, and the energy & focus blend of Caffeine, Teacrine, and InnovaTea provides a sustained release
  • NO SUGAR - AminoStim is available in 5 delicious, sugar free flavors
  • INFUSED WITH TEACRINE - TeaCrine is a purine alkaloid that is structurally very similar to caffeine. It works with the body to naturally increase mental clarity and improve your mood and motivation.
  • WHEN TO USE - Amino Stim can be used anytime. Use first thing in the morning or between meals for an amino energy boost, before training for pre-workout focus and energy, or immediately after training for intra-workout recovery and hydration

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