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Top 5 Realistic Workouts That Will Burn Your Fat

Top 5 Realistic Workouts That Will Burn Your Fat

  1. 60 Seconds Fat-Smash- This 60-second workout has 3 steps, though they are the usual movements for many fitness trainees – they still do work for quick fat burning. So what makes this a real fat smasher? Well, the combinations of 5 simple exercise in one workout can bring so much difference into your body.

First: 60-Second High Knees

This is as simple as lifting feet up to your chess. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and start lifting your left knee, then switch to the left and continue the movement for 60 seconds.

Second: 60-Second Mountain Climb

In a planking position, alternately bring your knee to your chest while increasing speed. This step literally looks like when you are climbing a steep mountain.

Third: 60-Second Knee Crunches

This must be the hardest, most especially if you have a bulky tummy. The first thing you need to do is to lie with a flat back and raise your legs. Put your hands behind the neck and look at your tummy, then start bringing the knees to your elbow. Do this for 60 seconds.

Effect: These 3 sets of exercise can burn the fat on your legs, arms, and including your tummy in just 3 minutes.


  1. Full Body Circuit- Just to make sure that you can scrap the fats on each part of your body, you need to have a full body circuit. There are two circuits that will let your move in multiple directions, while getting everything moving and working together. Circuit trainings will help you burn calories, and at the same time build endurance and strength for your whole body.

First Circuit:

  • Barbell Walking Lunge (You need to do 10 reps per leg)
  • Air Bike (Do 15 reps per leg)
  • Burpee (Do 10 reps)

Second Circuit:

  • Stationary (20 seconds)
  • Dumbbell Rare Lunge (10 reps)
  • Plank (60 seconds)

Effect: The combination of 2 circuits will make all of your parts moving. Burning fat would be a lot easier if all parts of your body are working together.


  1. Blitz Belly

One of the best workout instructors would teach you is the belly blitz. If you want a maximum fat loss impact, especially with your tummy – a barbell would help a lot.



  • Do 10 reps of back squat (Stand with your feet with shoulder-width apart, position the bar on your back while engaging your abs. Then bend your knees slowly with your hips. Do this simultaneously.)
  • Do 5 behind-the-neck press (Stand with your feet with shoulder-width apart, position the bar on your back while engaging your abs. Keep your elbows below the bar then bring up the barbell. Press your weight until your arm are lock out.


These workouts are not new to many, but the better combination you have and the number of reps you do make the fat burning trick real. To burn your fat faster, you need to have discipline and consistency.


Photo by Victor FreitasLeon MartinezLi SunKuldeep Singhania from Pexels

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