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Steps to Setting Your Fitness Goals

Steps to Setting Your Fitness Goals

"How hard is it to crush my fitness goals?"

"How long will it take for me to get in shape (gain mass,  burn calories etc..)?"

These are the questions people commonly ask when deciding to hit the gym.  These questions would either motivate or demotivate them. How?

Well,  we ask questions to determine how long it will take to achieve our goals. But some of us are demotivated after seeing a little result, worst case is seeing no results at all after spending some time in the gym. It happens because we skip the essential questions in goal setting.

Three Essential Questions in Goal Setting:

  1. What is the reason you want to achieve your goal?

REASON is important to determine why you've come up with your goal. You might say, "I want to lose weight." We all know it is the number one reason, though you need to remember that it isn't just about losing weight at all, but also attaining a healthy body and lifestyle. For some,  losing weight is easy. Skip meals, do intermittent fasting, take dietary supplements, etc.., and boom! It works! But then again, losing weight isn't just the reason why you visit the gym and do Cross-fit. Is it?

You might say, "I hit the gym to get physically fit." Well,  you're on the right track! Remember that FITNESS is about you being physically fit and strong then your desired shape comes next.

  1.  Do you have what it takes to accomplish your goals?

"Fitness is like a relationship, you can't cheat on it and expect it to work". So, like a relationship, you really have to take it seriously.  You have to exert an effort to make it work and keep it burning.

Most often, we are crazy to see the completion of our goals that we tend to overlook the odds and delays in the middle. We tend to be "overexcited" so when unexpected things come about in the middle, we easily give up. Again, having a good mindset is the key (unfortunately, that is the most overlooked element in fitness).

  1. Have you developed exceptional strategies to get you there?

Let's say you've identified your reason and established a good mindset, now ask yourself "what are my action plans? and "how would I perform them?."

In every goal setting, there is an execution. Otherwise, it will remain a goal FOREVER. As Thomas Edison once said, "Vision without execution is hallucination". Actually, there were some disputes as to who was the first to say that quote but that doesn't matter, the point here is an action plan without execution is forever a plan. Anything you would wish to see three months from now, do it now!

Having a good physical state means a good mental state and you know what? That's also the other way around! Having a good mindset gives you the full determination to achieve what you would want to happen (specifically to your body and well-being). Figure out what exactly your goals are and list them down so you can have measurable results.

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