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Causes of Belly Fats

Causes of Belly Fats

Do you find belly fats irritating? Do you have some trouble putting on your jeans? It's summer season in the Philippines and you see ladies and gentlemen showing off their summer bods on their social media accounts. Do you find that frustrating? Well, if your potbelly really annoys you then you've got to do something about it!

First of, you need to identify what causes it. Just like in a problem solving situation, you need to figure out the issue first before reinforcing the solution.

Here are the common reasons for having a stubborn belly fats:

Genetic and Hormonal factors

According to a recent study in the journal Nature, there are like 49 "fat" genes. Sounds strange, doesn't it? Well, if you are a hereditary of these "fat" genes then it means that you have a high level of Cortisol (a.k.a stress hormone). This type of hormone is secreted during stress and is produced by the Adrenal gland. Although it is essential for our survival as it helps our bodies to prepare for a stressful situation, excess production can lead to weight gain. Why? because it affects the Visceral fat (Abdominal fat) that lies inside the peritoneal that results in "pot belly" or "beer belly".

Eating too much

When we are hungry we tend to be so irrational that we don't mind eating too much. You need to remind yourself that your brain does not immediately register that your stomach is full. Furthermore, we feel the fullness only after 20 minutes of eating. Your stomach is flexible, but please don't go beyond its normal capacity, it has its limit.


Excessive consumption of sugar would cause your system to store it in your tummy as fats.


As per some studies, too much consumption of alcohol represses the process of fat burning so the excess calories lead to what we call "beer belly".

Trans Fat

This one is the unhealthiest. It increases your bad cholesterol and decreases your good cholesterol level. What's worse it that it contributes to clogged arteries that causes stroke and heart attacks. Furthermore, this has been clinically proven to cause weight gain and belly fats.


Being inactive physically increases visceral fats. As a matter of fact, our bodies tend to store fats so we can have energy for future use which is a good thing. That's how wise our systems are! Though, you need to discourage your body from storing unnecessary bulge by doing some workouts.

Low-Protein and Low-fiber Diet

Low protein intake would cause your metabolic rate to decrease and that would lead to gain weight. In contrast, high-protein diets make you feel full. It also increases your metabolic rate that leads to trimming of calorie intake.

You have what it takes to avoid getting spare tire around your waist!

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