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Best Conditioning Drills for Basketball Players

Best Conditioning Drills for Basketball Players

Just like any other field in life, it is necessary to condition both the mind and body to keep ourselves going and improving. Basketball is believed to be the biggest sport and is played in 213 countries. Basketball players around the world are expected to be fit to be able to catch up to a long hour of running, passing and shooting. Basically, basketball players combine a wide range of athletic abilities – a combination of strength, agility, speed, flexibility and concentration.

Athlete Myree Bowden shares his insights on how to keep the bodies pumping and surviving when a player is delivered to the court. Bowden believes that conditioning the body is a must with a combination of discipline and passion then you might have the first step of being the best that you can be in whatever sport you are inclined to.

Bowden says, “You are not going to go out and play a game or compete at your tip-toe ability if you don’t get the repetitions in.” Whether he’s speaking about mastering a sport or going to the gym; indeed, repetition is the mother skill. There are drills that athletes such as Bowden have been performing to keep the momentum not just inside the court but also keeping their skills intact even outside the court. From warm-ups to cooling down – it is fundamental to keep these routine to reach the goal and to live an athlete kind of lifestyle. Behind the spotlight and the victory, athletes must train themselves in order to stay in the game.


It is important to perform a proper warm-up before performing any type of physical activity. The importance of warm-up is to get the muscles ready. Basically, a good warm up is essential to limit the chances of injury. Most warm-up exercises include a combination of cardiovascular exercises and stretching drills. Warm ups increases the heart rate and circulation causing an increase of the blood flow to the muscles.

Keep in mind that warm ups should at least be between 20 minutes to an hour. Few warm-ups everyone should consider to get their bodies pumped and ready;

  • High knee
  • Butt kick
  • Drummer Boy
  • Side Shuffle
  • Lunge
  • High Skip & Low Skip
  • Karaoke
  • 70 percent Sprint

These 5 conditioning drills will help each and one of you to reach your full wellness and reaching the kind of body goals you’ve been eyeing on.

  1. Wind Sprint


Wind sprints are a quick and efficient way to make the body faster and stronger. Wind sprints are essentially short dashes, work like high intensity workouts. As you run hard followed by a recovery period; this will surely improve your speed, power and endurance.


  • 5 sets of 50 yards
  • 5 sets of 60 yards
  • 3 sets of 70 yards
  • 2 sets of 80 yards
  • 2 sets of 90 yards
  • 2 sets of 100 yards


  1. 1-mile run


A mile run fits nicely in with any kind of training program. Research shows that 5-6 miles a week of easy running is associated with a lower risk of heart diseases. If you are a beginner, you can try staggering the running with walking; running fast for 30 seconds then you can do walking for also 30 seconds. A mile run is obviously a perfect challenge to build your lung capacity.


  1. Line Drill


The line drill is a simple drill that seems to produce the best results of any infield training. Being efficient and this by far considered as the simplest drill to remember and teach effectively. Also, can be done indoor or outdoor, with or without a throw and anyone can do it by themselves off the wall.


But for trainees who got themselves a team, you can assign players to go from baseline to free-throw line, back to baseline, half-court back to baseline, opposite free-throw line back to baseline and finally, opposite baseline back to starting baseline. Guards should complete the drill in under 5 seconds; bigs, in under 30 seconds. Do this for a total of 5 rounds.


  1. Super 17s


17s is a common basketball conditioning drill; it requires you to run from sideline to sideline 17 times in just over a minute. Sounds like a punishment but this drill will surely get you in shape. A goal is a complete 17 but for beginners, 12 will do. Here are the rules you should consider;


  • If you fail to complete a 12/17, you must run a 2nd set
  • You must step over each sideline; if you don’t, the set doesn’t count and must be performed again after a minute
  • If you complete 17 trips, increase your goal.


  1. Defensive Stance Drill


This drill is a perfect drill for trainees who want to get serious with basketball. This will improve balance as you repeat this drill. Keep in mind that if you have a weak stance, you won’t have a good defensive slide and you will constantly be out of position and off-balance.


45 second each to master the drill:

  • Stance hold
  • Fire feet
  • Defensive slides
  • Box out
  • Taking a charge

Cool Down

Cooling down is necessary after workout since it allows a gradual recovery of pre-exercise rate and blood pressure. Cooling down helps regulate blood flow especially for competitive endurance athletes, such as marathoners and basketball players. Keep in mind that your cool-down is as important as your warm-up.

Hold each position for 15 seconds:

  • Forward fold stretch
  • Straddle Stretch
  • Butterfly stretch
  • Figure four stretch, both sides
  • Cross-over stretch, both sides


Getting good at something requires a lot of patience and training. There are also a lot of trainings that other professional athletes can provide to improve your growth as a beginner or a trainee. Mastery does not happen before they are supposed to so always remember; repetition is the mother of skill, the father of action which makes it the architect of accomplishment.


Photos by BranimirTembela BohleBk AguilarnappyJohn SeldonTim MossholderLi Sun, Keiji Yoshiki from Pexels


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